Bill feels helpless?

In a recent Washington Examiner article, Bill Clinton claims, “I sometimes feel that I’m totally useless in this election season because I’m a happy grandfather. I’m not mad enough at anybody,” Clinton said.   Somehow, the irony is lost on him that while he may not be mad enough at anybody, there are certainly many of his victims who are mad at  him because of his behavior towards him.  He should think about Juanita Broaddrick  who “has spent over three decades living with the pain, humiliation and anxiety caused first by Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and then by Bill and Hillary and their smear team attempting to intimidate and discredit her.”  Meanwhile, in response to Trump’s allegation of her husband being a rapist, Ms.  Clinton says, “He can say whatever he wants to say” about her husband.

In the article, Mr. Clinton states, “his congenial tone was not in demand this election season and could become a detriment to Hillary Clinton as the 2016 race progresses.”  Congenial tone?  Ask Juanita Broaddrick about that.  According to her, after Bill Clinton raped her, bit her lip, and was done with her, he allegedly said, “‘You better put some ice on that.”  Not quite sure how congenial that was.

In the Washington Examiner article, Bill Clinton also stated,   “And because the life I spend now is driven by the real world and facts. I mean, we live in kind of a fact-free political universe, you know?”   The “real world” and “facts” that you speak about come in the form of a formidable candidate, Donald Trump, whose force of personality is bringing out the “sins” of your past and holding them up for scrutiny.  You lived in a “fact-free political universe” when the mainstream media protected you and minimized your actions.

In Donald Trump, you  face someone who has command of the media and will no doubt be willing to dig deeper into the issue.  While this plays out on the national level in which many people will feel as if justice is served, as your wife has said, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”  As this goes on, you will continue to be minimized by your wife.  Instead of feeling useless, though, you’ll feel as helpless as your victims as the facts continue to be brought to life.  Question here is whether or not you will ever feel remorse for your actions or continue on with your behavior.




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