Building Walls

Trump’s centerpiece for his initial campaign was about building walls to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country.  It was a bold, audacious statement the ripped off the veil of gentility, ripped open scabs and poured alcohol all over it.  After he made his statement, people knew that this would be no ordinary campaign.

Opponents of Trump shrieked and guffawed, “He can’t build that wall and make Mexico pay.”  Meanwhile, though, Trump’s building different walls.

Trump has erected a wall between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters.  In her interview with Donald Trump, Nicole Wallace of MSNBC tried to trap him by asking him if he would ever consider Bernie Sanders as a running mate.   This was meant to drive a wedge between  Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters.    Trump answered her masterfully by praising Bernie on the one thing that they agreed on “that the U.S. is being taken advantage of horribly on trade deals.”  He also stated, “If Bernie loses –which he will because the primary is rigged– If Bernie loses to Hillary he should run as an independent. Bernie should definitely run as an independent,” Trump said.  “[If he doesn’t], big percentages of the Bernie people are going to vote for Trump.”  Trump turned the tables on her and framed it as an either/or question for Bernie supporters.  Hillary Clinton’s name never enters the equation.  In this way, he emphases the wall between Bernie and Hillary with his “primary is rigged” statement.  He erects a wall between Hillary Clinton and Bernie supporters by stating they either support Bernie as an independent or they should vote for him.

Trump has erected a wall between Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.  She would walk out with him, arm in arm–returning him as the conquering hero, when times were good, only it is her time now.  She sought to portray Trump as the poster child for being the misogynist and an instigator of this “War on Women.”  Instead, Trump hammered her by stating that her husband was fair game.  Now, he is outright calling him a “rapist,” and Hillary’s only response is to say that she will not respond.   Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is left on the sidelines saying, “I sometimes feel that I’m totally useless in this election season because I’m a happy grandfather.  On the sidelines, he’s a “happy grandfather.”  If he opens his mouth, he’s accused of being a “serial rapist.”

Trump will erect a wall between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  For Obama, it is all about legacy, which is why he is getting in as many social changes as possible.  Hillary Clinton is in the position of not denigrating what Obama has done–in fact, she has to act as if times are good–but she also has to separate herself from him.  Trump will ask the same question, though slightly different, than Ronald Reagan did, “Are you better off that you were eight years ago?”  To African-Americans, he’ll ask, “Are you better off than you were 25 years ago when Bill was President up to the time that Hillary was Secretary of State?”

If Hillary Clinton loses, Donald Trump will trash Obama’s legacy.  At some point for Obama, it will be about self-preservation and whether or not Loretta  Lynch is informed to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats try to slip Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren through the back door.  Trump will be quick to pounce on that, though, pointing out that the system is rigged.  Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren did not run in one state, did not win one delegate, and the Democratic Party is taking away the nomination from Bernie Sanders and disenfranchising millions of voters.  For her part, Hillary Clinton will walk the tightrope between lurching left to appease Bernie Sanders supporters while tacking to the middle for mainstream America.  She will have to both embrace and push away Obama’s presidency.  She has to deal with Bill Clinton’s past, and her part in it, while trying to push forward toward a future in which she is President.  And she has not even gotten to the part where she tangles with Donald Trump.


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