Donald Trump, Cash Cow

There was all this hullabaloo about Donald Trump hammer smashing the Republican Party.  Stay at home voters sit with sour pickle faces unwilling to vote for such a louse.  Republicans, standing on principle, fold their arms, shake their heads, maintaining granite-like jaws.  It was all a ruse, though, as Donald Trump is a cash cow.  Sure, he is retracting a bit on self-funding.  If he made it this far, he knew that he would be getting federal money to run.

Pundits, with mud pies in hand, waiting for lift-off,  chortle that  Donald Trump dives off the flip flop board gain, and he now pilfers money from the very people who drop other politicians in their pockets.  Trump will not mention self-funding anymore.  In fact, if Hillary Clinton says anything, he clubs her on the noggin about how she excoriates Wall Street while collecting millions of dollars jumping through hoops for them.

Donald Trump is doing a fundraiser for Chris Christie, which may be a trial run for public perception of them as running mates.  Other politicians watch from afar, eyes darting back and forth at the enormous crowds and a cavalcade of money dropping from buckets in the sky across Chris Christie’s stout shoulders.  In that moment, those politicians see the light and after much proclaimed soul searching, they begrudgingly support Donald Trump.  If you are running for an office in a swing state, you will find yourself standing in front of overflowing crowds chanting your name, as Trump bellows, “I need this person on my team.  It’s a rigged system.  Together, we’ll clean up this mess in Congress and ‘Make America Great Again’.”

Soon, flurries of Republican politicians discover the light, pointing out that by associating with him, they are in eminent danger, but can they please find time to raise funds together?   They must stand together against the evil Hillary Clinton, right?   Trump will whisk his new friends off to Fox News and make their cases for them.  The more that Trump is seen with people, and the more generous he is with his time, the stronger candidate he will appear to be.

Pundits like to paint Trump as a “populist.”  If that is the case, the more people that Trump is with, the more he appears to be a man of the people.   Donald Trump generates excitement, he can control the media and he is a cash cow.  All those things were destined to bring the Republican Party to his side, no matter how much they acted like Paul Ryan scratching his head and dragging his heels.


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