The Trump Equation

Firmly entrenched political pundits scratch their heads and say, “We can’t figure out Donald Trump,” followed by their only method of attack, “He’s not a true Conservative.”

If you are a business person or anyone who has struggled to balance a check book, Trump’s actions and messages are an easy equation:

Revenue – Expenses = Profits

Trump wants to raise revenue by:

  • Bringing jobs back from overseas
  • Cutting regulations to jump start or encourage small businesses.
  • Make foreign countries pay their fair share.
  • Cut taxes.  People don’t hold onto their money anymore.  They either pay long overdue bills, buy something that they have always longed for, or in the case of business, expanding their capabilities to generate more revenue.

Trump wants to lower expenses by:

  • Building a wall to prevent illegal aliens from coming here and adding to our expense.  Pundits claim that these are hard working people, but a business person points out that the revenue generated by them doesn’t equal the expenses of having them here.
  • Getting rid of waste and management.  By cutting regulations, Trump will obliterate those agencies created to oversee those regulations. Pundits claim that Trump needs to be specific, but he is not going to create controversy and wedge issues over what he will cut.  In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to cut state spending, and he became subjected to teachers, fire fighters, nurses and police ads saying that he’s against education, against safety, against health care, and against crime.  He ended up losing all those battles, throwing up his arms, and coasting through the rest of his term.
  • Get rid of unfair deals that do not generate a profit, but instead a loss.
  • Making foreign countries pay their fair share for our military.  Trump talks about building up our military, but from a business point of view the military is an expense that generates no revenue.  That is why we hear Trump talking about taking the oil.  It is an offset.  It is also why he talks about off-loading some of our military obligations to Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.  It is why he wants to build up our military to threaten into negotiations, which is less costly than all-out war.

Trump wants to create profit to help lower our $19+ trillion deficit.  He is running for President because of fiscal reasons, not social ones.  He is a Fiscal Conservative who plays a Social Progressive to blunt Hillary Clinton’s talking points and wedge issues.  She can’t hurl stones if Trump says, “Let the states decide.”  Trump reveals his actual Social Conservative side with his list of 10 Conservative Supreme Court nominees, who are the ultimate arbitrators over social issues.  Take Planned Parenthood as an example.  Democrats talk about how Planned Parenthood is vital to provide women with choice.  Trump will not agree or disagree with it from a social perspective.  At some point, he will say, “We can’t afford it, we’re $19+ trillion in debt.  It’s a worthy cause, but we just can’t afford it anymore.”

If Donald Trump is a  Fiscal Conservative, then Barack Obama is the flip side of him, all about social issues and correcting  perceived social inequalities.  Trump wants to preserve our financial position in the world.  If our country goes bankrupt, then he goes bankrupt, too, and everything that he has built for his children and his grandchildren goes poof up in the air.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama would love to see a financial catastrophe because it would bring about great social change, and it would give he and his minions the change to re-make the world in their own image.



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