Trump’s Brilliant Supreme Court Nominations

Once again, Donald Trump scores big with his list of potential Supreme Court Nominations. Trump’s list includes:

Steven Colloton of Iowa
Allison Eid of Colorado
Raymond Gruender of Missouri
Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania
Raymond Kethledge of Michigan
Joan Larsen of Michigan
Thomas Lee of Utah
William Pryor of Alabama
David Stras of Minnesota
Diane Sykes of Wisconsin
Don Willett of Texas

If you were to look at the electoral map:

Click the map to create your own at

It becomes clear that Trump picked  conservatives from battleground states.

In picking Steven Colloton of Iowa, he pleased Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa.  “If anybody had any doubts, and I think a lot of people do have doubts, this will help settle that,” Grassley told Bloomberg Politics of Trump’s shortlist, released Wednesday afternoon.

In picking Thomas Lee of Utah, he pleased his brother, Senator Mike Lee from Utah, who stated that the Supreme Court justices would all be great choices but “one name on that list stands head and shoulders above the rest.”  Trump deftly side-skirts the issue of nominating Mike Lee to the Supreme Court by nominating his brother.

In a surprise move, Trump nominates Don Willett, which appeases the Texas, but Willett is notorious for his Donald Trump tweets:

Donald Trump haiku—

Who would the Donald
Name to ? The mind reels.
*weeps—can’t finish tweet*



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